Flash Chromatography System SepaBean machine Up to 200mL/min, 200psi

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Standard version.
Binary gradient with four solvent lines, high pressure mixing.
Optional ELSD to cover more types of samples.


SepaBean™ machine

Flow Range

1 - 200 mL/min

Maximum Pressure

200 psi (13.8 bar)

Pumping System

Highly accurate, maintenance

free ceramic pumps


Four solvents binary, high

pressure mixing


DAD variable UV (200 - 400nm) or DAD vairable UV (200- 400 nm)

 + Vis (400 - 800 nm)or ELSD

Sample Loading Capacity

10 mg - 33 g

Column Sizes

4 g - 330 g, up to 3 kg with adapters

Other Specifications

• Gradient types: isocratic, linear, step
• Flowcell optical path length: 0.3 mm (default); 2.4 mm (optional)
• Spectral display: single/dual/all-wavelengths*
• Sample loading metmethod: manual load
• Fraction collection method: all, waste, threshold, slope, time
• Fraction collector: Standard: tubes (13 mm, 15 mm,18 mm, 25 mm); Optional: Frencth square bottle (250 mL, 500 mL) or large collection bottle; Customizable collection container
• Control device: wireless operation through mobile devices**
• Certificate: CE

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