Flash Chromatography System SepaBean machine L 1000lp Main Module Up to 1000mL/min,150psi

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High flow rate model for large amount of sample purification, up to 1kg

Binary gradient with any combinations of two solvents, 3rd solvent as modifier able to run complex separation conditions. Optional ELSD to cover more types of samples.



SepaBean machine L 1000lp

Flow Range

50 - 1000 mL/min

Maximum Pressure

150 psi 

Pumping System

High accuracy dual, maintenance ceramic pump


Four solvents binary with any combinations of two solvents


DAD variable UV (200 - 400nm) or DAD variable UV (200- 400 nm) + Vis (400 - 800 nm) 

Sample Loading Capacity

8 mg - 1 kg

Column Sizes

800 g - 10 kg

Other Specifications
• Gradient types: isocratic, linear, step
• Flow cell optical path length: 0.3 mm (default); 2.4 mm (optional)
• Spectral display: single/dual/all-wavelengths*
• Sample loading method: manual load
• Fraction collection method: all, waste, threshold, slope, time
• Fraction collector: Standard: tubes (13 mm, 15 mm,18 mm, 25 mm); Optional: French square bottle (250 mL, 500 mL) or large collection bottle; Customizable collection container
• Control device: wireless operation through mobile devices**

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